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Started by Betsy Burnham in 2005, Instant Space offers custom interiors--in the clean, colorful aesthetic of Burnham Design--one room at a time for a flat fee. Send us the details of your space (or spaces), give us some sense of your taste, lifestyle and design goals and we'll provide you with a custom furniture plan, color palette, fabric selection and all purchasing information. Working long-distance with our clients, we've designed rooms, and entire houses, in cities across the U.S. and abroad.


about instant space

  • Instant Space is adaptable to the needs of each client: projects have ranged from studio apartments to a room or two, and we’ve even done entire homes.
  • Instant Space is perfect for clients who want to be actively involved in the design process and who want to guide the follow-through.
  • Each project is custom; no two are ever the same.
  • Betsy Burnham personally leads the design process for every Instant Space project.
  • We pull from the same marketplace resources--from retail and "to the trade", from traditional to on-trend, quick-ship to one of a kind--as we do with our full service clients.
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